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Welcome to Lüneburg


Lüneburg offers opportunities for the following visits: the historic town hall, the old town centre with its houses full of nooks and crannies, the 'Kalkberg', three large old churches, the Lüne monastery, five interesting museums (Fürstentummuseum (principality), Salzmuseum (salt), Ostpreußenmuseum (East Prussia), Brauereimuseum (brewery), Naturkundemuseum (natural science)) – as well as numerous cultural events from music nights over theatre to cabaret! And above all, you should relax – with or without children – in the Salztherme Lüneburg (thermal baths)! Also should you not miss to see the university which used to be barracks in the past.

You will find much silence and relaxation in a lot of nature in and around Lüneburg: in the Tiergartenforst (forest), in the Ilmenautal (river valley), at the Lopausee (lake), during boat tours, in the Heide (heath) fields near Lüneburg, in the Hochwald Süsing (forest), on horseback or on bike, at the Elbe canal with the canal lift Scharnebeck, in nearby villages with their stork's nests, crane colonies and osprey nests, and also on the Elbe dike with a fresh breeze and the chugging sound of barges…..!

We can also recommend the following near destinations: Uelzen and its 'Hundertwasser' railway station, the museum village Hösseringen, the game and deer park Lüneburger Heide, the deer park 'Schwarze Berge', the bird park Walsrode, the Serengeti park Hodenhagen, the fun park Heidepark at Soltau, thermal baths at Bad Bevensen and Soltau, nice little Elbe towns such as Lauenburg with its picturesque old town, Bleckede and its castle and the stork station, and Hitzacker with an old town and the most northern (historic) German vineyard, the large Görde forest area with interesting deer and game, round villages of the Wendland, and of course, only 30 minutes away: the Hanseatic City of Hamburg; but also Lübeck and Bremen are also well within reach.

Information material is available directly in our holiday apartment, or will be provided if desired; please ask us for help when planning tours!



  • Wohnzimmer1 at the "Sande" historic houses and the church "St. Johanneskirche"
  • Wohnzimmer1 at the "Sande" view of the "Grapengießerstraße"
  • Wohnzimmer1 the Old town of Lüneburg in the background you can see the church "St.-Michaelis-Kirche"
  • Wohnzimmer1 the town hall of Lüneburg with the "Luna" fountain
  • Wohnzimmer1 the street "Am Berge" some more impressive historic buildings
  • Wohnzimmer1 the "Stint" with the "Alter Kran" and the "Brausebrücke"
  • Wohnzimmer1 the "Stint" here you can find a lot of pubs
  • Wohnzimmer1 the "Lüneburger Heide" we recommend strongly to take a tour to this unique nature-highlight


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